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Conference at Tiffin University about the US–Israel Relationship

I had wanted to post these conference details earlier, but I suppose “better late than never”. Title of Conference: Americans Learning Together about the US – Israel Relationship Hosts: Michael S. Goldstein, Esq.,    Beverly A. Goldstein, Ph.D., Tiffin University Professor … Continue reading

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Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance

Hat tip goes to an ACT! email. Sign up here to receive them. Note especially the line “Jihad is my spirit.” The MSA’s “Pledge” is based on the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Allah is our objective, The Prophet is … Continue reading

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Losing Our Sons Trailer

Here’s the tragic story of a young Baptist man, Carlos Bledsoe, recruited and brainwashed by Islamic radicals and trained to commit murder in the name of Allah on American soil. Melvin Bledsoe’s testimony was dismissed as “anecdotal” by Democrats during … Continue reading

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Bennett and Leibsohn on the Muslim Backlash Myth

We look forward to reading The Fight of Our Lives, the new book by William J. Bennett and his radio show producer, Seth Leibsohn. In anticipation, we greatly appreciate this CNN special article about the overstatement of anti-Muslim bigotry in … Continue reading

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Watch the first episode of ACT for America’s TV show

I figured they’d put it up, and it’s probably how I’ll view it, not being much of a TV watcher. You can also go here to watch it in higher resolution.

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ACT! interviews disciple of Islamist terrorist Sheikh Gilani

This is over a year old, yet still pertinent. The absurd notion that the radical followers of a violent killer are to be compared with the fans of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley is one example of how the “reasoning” … Continue reading

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Judge Miles-LaGrange’s Bad Reasoning

Hans A. von Spakovsky explains why the decision of Judge Micki Miles-LaGrange to rule against the will of the voters with regard to the Oklahoma Sharia Ban employs bad reasoning and leads to a faulty conclusion. To me, this paragraph … Continue reading

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This will take less than 2 minutes to watch

….and it will be totally worth your time. The speaker is Lt. Col. Allan West and as you will see, he is a man who calls it like it is. I’m glad we have some men not afraid to speak … Continue reading

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Islamic Center of Cleveland Planning Expansion

Here is a development that we at ACT! Cleveland will most definitely be keeping an eye on. Bob Sandrick from the Sun News reports that the Islamic Center of Cleveland is planning an “expansion”. Please read the entire article several … Continue reading

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VIDEO: A Message To Moderate Muslims

It’s put rather brilliantly, and though it takes awhile to watch, it’s worth it. The author of the text points out how Christians are swift to condemn the aberrant among their coreligionists. This of course is only one aspect of … Continue reading

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