Muslim Student Association Pledge of Allegiance

Hat tip goes to an ACT! email. Sign up here to receive them. Note especially the line “Jihad is my spirit.”

The MSA’s “Pledge” is based on the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Allah is our objective, The Prophet is our leader, Qur’an is our law, Jihad is our way, Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

So those nice, smart young Muslims you know from your High School—and I believe you when you tell me that they wouldn’t hurt a fly—they will go to college. And when they do, they most likely will associate with other Muslims and Muslim groups including the Muslim Student Association. And they will be influenced by this rhetoric to some degree, unless they outrightly reject it. But rejecting a message of victimhood might be hard, especially in the university environment where victimhood is held in high esteem and anti-Christian and anti-Israel messaging abounds. So the question I have is what will counter-balance these messages? I don’t see any other Muslim student groups stepping up. Enlighten me if I am uninformed.

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