Judge Miles-LaGrange’s Bad Reasoning

Hans A. von Spakovsky explains why the decision of Judge Micki Miles-LaGrange to rule against the will of the voters with regard to the Oklahoma Sharia Ban employs bad reasoning and leads to a faulty conclusion. To me, this paragraph touches the crux of the issue:

That difference is illustrated by an example. If a mortgage lender wants to structure a mortgage for a Muslim in order to satisfy certain Islamic principles prohibiting interest, the lender can certainly do so by writing the contract terms accordingly. But if a lawsuit is filed over the mortgage, the deal will be construed according to applicable state and federal mortgage and contract laws.

Emphasis is mine. You can write civil contracts however you would like them to be written to suit your belief system. That’s the beauty of our American court system. If I as a Catholic want to specify in my last will and testament that $1,000.00 should be contributed as stipends for Catholic Priests to celebrate Masses for the repose of my soul, then this wish will be carried out. It doesn’t matter that the judge may be an atheist, my lawyer is a Protestant and the laws of the land say nothing about the matter of life after death and the value of the sacraments of the Roman Catholic church.

Thus generations of religious people in America since the founding have not found the laws of the land insufficient to give them the freedom and legal protection to practice their respective religions. Our legal system even makes accommodations in the legal process for different belief systems. For example, for witnesses who do not believe they should “swear” an oath in court, they may make an “affirmation” instead, basically the same promise to tell the truth with different wording. But we don’t believe in having a different set of laws for people holding different beliefs. And most of us find the insinuation that our laws tacitly discriminate against Muslims because they do not enshrine the teachings of Islam to be insulting and wrongheaded.

If anyone says that Sharia Law must be recognized officially to have binding force by the Federal Government and State Governments, then they are saying something which totally goes against the way the American legal system is set up and has been accepted by people of all religions since the beginning of the country. The official recognition of Sharia is what the Islamists are pushing for and it is what we, standing with the Oklahomans who passed the Sharia Ban, are against. This is not an accommodation which any American should support.

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